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Redness of the pores and skin is without doubt one of the principal issues of those that learn the Masks of Vainness weblog, and for OUMERE prospects, it is without doubt one of the principal points they need to remedy with their pores and skin.

The rationale the pores and skin turns crimson is as a result of you’ve got blood in your physique and the blood is crimson. However what causes blood to hurry to the pores and skin in a manner that causes noticeable redness is much less simple. Nonetheless, when you perceive what makes your pores and skin crimson, it turns into simpler to repair the issue. However that is solely true in case your resolution would not do extra hurt than good. The most important downside with skincare is that 99% of the skincare merchandise available on the market are very damaging to the pores and skin and create or exacerbate present redness. It is for that reason that hundreds of thousands of “fixes” exist however a remedy stays elusive.

Right here, I listing the commonest causes I do know of that can biologically trigger your pores and skin crimson, and OUMERE labs confirmed strategies to scale back redness.

1. Important oils

Drawback: Important oils are a cytotoxic agent as a result of they provoke the method of cell dying by consuming away on the cell’s plasma membrane. That is true for all cells in your physique, together with pores and skin cells, lung cells, and mind cells. Important oils in skincare or subtle within the air enter your pores and skin and lungs and trigger microscopic degradation of the cell. The outcomes embody pores and skin breakdown, lung breakdown, seizures and dying.

Answer: Take away all important oils out of your skincare routine and keep away from environments the place important oils are launched into the air. Diffusion of important oils causes cytotoxic particles to land in your pores and skin and inhale them into the physique, inflicting injury to the lungs and mind.

Utilizing a correct important oil-free skincare routine will scale back redness and enhance pores and skin over time by strengthening the pores and skin, decreasing irritation, and selling pores and skin cell renewal.

A shopper of OUMERE got here to us with severely reddened pores and skin from using important oil skincare and each day publicity to an surroundings containing an important oil diffuser. The shopper reported a major discount in redness and a profound enchancment within the pores and skin after following the OUMERE delicate pores and skin routine for six weeks.

2. Foaming cleansers

Drawback: Foaming cleansers strip the pores and skin of their pure oils, making it dry, brittle, irritated, and alkaline. When the entire above occurs, the pores and skin turns crimson and ages. The pores and skin additionally turns into weak to illnesses similar to zits and speak to dermatitis as a result of it has misplaced its pure defenses and turns into weak to pathogen assaults. We have now additionally noticed that for folks with naturally oily pores and skin, foaming cleansers make the pores and skin much more oily, which makes zits and redness worse, because the physique now produces an overproduction of oil to compensate for the oil that has been faraway from the cleaner. And the oil that the physique produces is inflammatory and comedogenic. The result’s reddened pores and skin with zits.

Answer: The important thing to a very good cleaning is to cleanse with out eradicating the oil whereas sustaining the pH of the pores and skin. Which means that the cleanser mustn’t solely be oil based mostly, but in addition barely acidic to maintain the pores and skin robust, hydrated, and wholesome. For many who are used to foaming cleansers, it’ll really feel unusual the primary time you cleanse with an oil cleanser, because the pores and skin shall be oily and never dry or “cleaning”. However dry and “cleanser” signifies that the pores and skin is broken with each use of an aggressive cleanser. The pores and skin ought to at all times be slightly pinkish or oily, as it’s the feeling of wholesome pores and skin. After cleansing with the precise cleanser for a month, you will notice a major discount in redness, higher hydration of the pores and skin, and even a discount in zits.

Cheek pictures of the topic who used OUMERE Oil Dissolution Principle cleanser within the night along with # 9, UVR and Sérum Bioluminelle. The topic reported a slight discount in redness after 7 days and a major discount in redness after 8 weeks. The topic additionally reported improved oil ranges within the pores and skin across the cheekbone and general a optimistic feeling of hydration within the pores and skin that lasted all through the day.

3. Stress

Drawback: Stress could make present pores and skin redness worse as a result of it causes the physique’s blood vessels to constrict. When the blood vessels constrict, blood doesn’t flow into successfully all through the physique, and in consequence, the guts has to pump tougher to move blood. The results of the narrowed blood vessels is redness of the pores and skin. Stress also can set off flare-ups of rosacea and make present inflammatory issues worse.

Answer: In case your pores and skin appears to be getting crimson and heat seemingly out of nowhere, it might imply that you’re experiencing excessive stress ranges. The great factor is that it is a manageable resolution and you should use the bodily sign to determine how you’re doing mentally. The pores and skin normally calms down inside an hour of decreasing your stress stage.

4. Make-up

Drawback: Make-up is a hotbed of micro organism and its software will lure warmth and stop the pores and skin from cooling naturally. In the event you’re vulnerable to redness in your pores and skin and put on make-up like concealers, powders, and foundations, make-up is not only a reason behind the redness, it makes your redness worse.

Redness discount will not be potential when micro organism are always launched to the world, pores and skin cells are damaged down by brushes and instruments used to use make-up, warmth is trapped within the pores and skin and harsh substances ( fragrance, solvents, emulsifiers, and so forth.) in make-up break down pores and skin cells on the mobile stage.

Answer: Redness discount is feasible when make-up is averted. While you keep away from placing on make-up, not solely are you utilizing a light, oil-based cleanser, however your pores and skin can breathe and heal itself from the injury. Make-up-free pores and skin would not want a harsh stripping cleanser to be clear. Pores and skin with out make-up will not be always pulled, pulled and rubbed with software instruments. Pores and skin with out make-up will not be uncovered to harsh chemical substances present in make-up. And makeup-free pores and skin is free to let the precise skincare do its job of bettering redness.

5. Sure meals

Drawback: Sure meals may cause an allergic response or simply an inflammatory response which might make the pores and skin crimson.

Answer: Avoiding a few of the following meals can enhance redness of the pores and skin:

Spicy meals, meals containing nickel (grains, beans, soybeans, legumes), citrus fruits like pineapple, tomatoes and chocolate.

It also needs to be famous that alcohol consumption may cause pores and skin redness.

6. Intensive skincare

Drawback: When persons are determined for a skincare resolution to a long-lasting downside, they usually imagine that the tougher the therapy, the stranger, the costlier the therapy, the higher. However that could not be farther from the reality. Each therapy we have seen in a beautician’s workplace or dermatologist’s workplace has made the wear and tear and tear on the pores and skin worse and making redness discount even much less potential. From microneedling and microdermabrasion, to chemical peels and extractions, the pores and skin turns into infected, crimson and aged from these remedies. They provide no profit to the pores and skin and solely hurt the pores and skin.

Answer: Applicable skincare on daily basis, sunscreen on daily basis and avoiding harsh remedies that destroy the pores and skin.

When searching for an answer for redness of the pores and skin, a very powerful factor to bear in mind is that the objective is to make the pores and skin wholesome. The pores and skin turns into wholesome with a wholesome physique and thoughts. Stunning pores and skin is due to this fact the results of a correct skincare routine, consuming a nutritious diet and avoiding aggressive remedies that may injury the pores and skin.

And a few pores and skin will nonetheless have slightly redness, and that is okay. Pores and skin with a little bit of pure redness simply wants additional care to keep away from the gadgets talked about above and sticking to the precise skincare routine.

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