[7 min watch] Practical advice for performing skin cancer check-ups

[7 min watch] Sensible recommendation for performing pores and skin most cancers check-ups

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“From the second a affected person walks by means of the door to the second they go away the room, there are various alternatives to do one thing completely different from others. On this insightful video, course presenter and pores and skin most cancers doctor Hamilton Ayres gives sensible ideas for performing pores and skin most cancers checkups and educating your sufferers on the prevention and early detection of most cancers. pores and skin.

Dr Ayres encourages main care physicians and pores and skin most cancers physicians to particularly ask every affected person what introduced them to the doorstep, even when the affected person has already indicated that they’ve come to you for one. full pores and skin most cancers examination or spot test.

It covers a number of the necessary questions you need to ask your sufferers and provides some useful ideas for educating your sufferers about self-monitoring their very own pores and skin and monitoring modifications between their exams with you.

Among the greatest ideas from Dr Ayres coated on this video embrace:

  • Do not be discouraged from taking a biopsy
  • Some melanomas “sound” like melanomas
  • No decision-making algorithm is ideal
  • Determine which of your sufferers has had melanoma previously and ensure their threat of recurrence is mitigated with continued care

Hear all of this and extra within the full video.

Watch the total video now:

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