7 Skins and The Ordinary (plus products available in the UK)

Aka how one can decide merchandise for the 7 Skins approach and how one can slot it into the remainder of your The Abnormal routine, paying explicit consideration to how to decide on merchandise and which of them can be found within the UK. Plus an inventory of one of the best merchandise to swimsuit you.

7 Skins + The Ordinary

7 Skins is the new new development in skincare, a number of layers of hydration are a function of Asian skincare routines and now westerners are beginning to get in on the motion and are realising that this factor bloody works. Primarily it’s the follow of patting on a number of layers of hydration to completely hydrate and plump up the pores and skin.

There was a whole lot of articles written about this. My good good friend Jo has an amazing article on the Deciem chatroom web site that covers the basics very well. I wish to get into the intricacies of it, take it slightly additional. If the Deciem Chatroom information is for absolute learners, then it is a information for individuals who have the fundamentals and nonetheless have questions.

Like these questions- Do it’s important to use a particular toner 7 instances, what qualifies a product for use as a pores and skin, what if I wish to use an acid, retinoid. I’ve another nice posts for placing collectively a The Abnormal routine- the cheatsheet, what merchandise to decide on. I totally suggest your cleaning routine additionally, if hydration is a matter for you. There are a whole lot of 7 skins ins and outs, and I’ll elucidate you. 

Is 7 Skins Actually Efficient?

Earlier than I began researching the subject, I used to be practically totally satisfied that the entire 7 Skins factor was only a ploy thought up by asian skincare firms to promote extra toner. However, studying research on hydration actually put me in my place. While you hydrate pores and skin, you place water into it and plump it up briefly however you additionally permit the pores and skin to operate accurately. Oily pores and skin is made solely oilier by dehydration and dry pores and skin sorts grow to be tough and scaly.

The dermis is the place skincare does it’s factor and it’s the principle barrier between the within of the physique and the out. That is the way it works-

The pores and skin has a pure course of it goes by means of the place pores and skin cells lose their nucleus and die off, work their method to the floor and are misplaced into area. The lifeless pores and skin cells on the floor aren’t simply pointless and undesirable. They really kind a protecting layer and are full of vital chemical substances that assist shield the within of the physique from toxins and micro organism and stop water from getting out. These helpful chemical substances are known as Pure Moisturising Components. They assist entice water within the higher pores and skin and hold the pH good for repelling micro organism. 

When the pores and skin is dehydrated the method of shedding lifeless cells will get screwed up- the enzymes that break the bonds between the pores and skin cells don’t operate correctly. Pores and skin turns into scaly and tough. 

Preserving pores and skin hydrated isn’t only a matter of sticking water on it you additionally want chemical substances that the pores and skin can settle for to maintain the water the place we wish it.. 

If we select skincare that accommodates molecules that naturally happen in NMF then the skincare can be more practical at hydrating the pores and skin. The chemical substances in NMF are thus-

Constitiuents of NMF
Constitiuents of NMF (Verdier-Sévrain & Bonté, 2007)

These are the chemical substances we’re searching for in our hydrating products- amino acids, sodium pca, lactic acid and urea. Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid additionally has a heavy presence within the higher layers of the pores and skin they usually draw moisture like no person’s enterprise. These are the phrases you wish to search for within the substances record of your “skins”.

What Merchandise to make use of for the 7 Skins Method

So the principal behind 7 skins approach is utilizing toners, essences and serums to completely hydrate the pores and skin and add barrier useful substances. This could deliver pores and skin to it’s optimum well being and can work in dry pores and skin sorts, oily pores and skin sorts (the pores and skin tends to provide oil as a response to being dehydrated), pimples susceptible pores and skin sorts (hydrated pores and skin varieties a greater barrier in opposition to micro organism) and to scale back the looks of getting older.

In terms of product selection, I discover the terminology tough myself- can a toner be used for 7 skins? why is a toner totally different to an essence? There isn’t a authorized definition. Normally, toners are meant for use after cleaning to rebalance the pH. Then essences hydrate and nourish. Ampoules and lotions are usually thicker and comprise lively substances. So long as they’re humectant, a product can be utilized for 7 skins. You may apply as many layers as you see match. When your pores and skin feels hydrated, not absorbing any extra product, or you might have grow to be bored of doing it, transfer on to the subsequent stage.

Okay so, earlier than we get on to the routine stuff, I’ve put collectively this superior desk with plenty of the preferred merchandise for 7 skins hydration and plenty of particulars. This provides you with an concept of what to look for-

Desk 1                    
Product Sort of hydrator Price Price per 100mls Good Elements Potential Pimples Triggers Glycol ? Perfume/Alcohol Fungal Pimples Protected? Vegan/Cruelty free? Ranking
NIOD SDSM2 Watery mist £34 for 240ml 14.16 Superoxide dismutase, malachite extract, Pseudoalteromonas Exopolysaccharides, Polypodium Vulgare Rhizome Extract, Cetraria Islandica Thallus Extract, Sphagnum Magellanicum Extract, Arginine No Sure, pentylene, butylene glycol No No Sure 4.8/5 very hydrating, good massive container, antioxidant
Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Toner Gel hydrator £24 for 170ml 14.11 Sodium hyaluronate, centella, liquorice, panthenol, arginine, beta gluten, aloe, amino acids, copper tripeptide None, hyaluronic Acid might irritate Sure, butylene glycol excessive on the record No Sure Vegan and cruelty free 4.8/5
Hado Labo Gokujyin Lotion Premium Gel hydrator £11 for 170ml 6.47 Glycerin, 5 varieties of hyaluronic acid, Aphanothece Sacrum extract, Polysaccharides No, hyaluronic Acid might irritate Sure No Sure ? 4.7/5 Pimples secure, hydrating, can depart a sticky movie if an excessive amount of is used
The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid + B5 Gel hydrator £10.60 for 60ml 17.66 3 varieties of HA, glycerin, panthenol Hexylene glycol has a score of two for comedogenicity Sure, a number of No Sure Vegan and cruelty free 4.65/5 Small bottle, a bit sticky, capsules
Kiku-Masumune High Moist Lotion Moisturising lotion £18.11 for 500ml 3.62 Glycerin, rice ferment filtrate, amino acids, ceramides, placenta extract, arbutin None Sure Perfume No, ferments Not vegan 4.6/5 Actually moisturising, good massive bottle, tendency to trigger breakouts in some
Cosrx 96 Snail Mucin Power Essence Gel hydrator £18.75 for 100ml 18.75 96% snail mucin, sodium hyaluronate None, hyaluronic acid might irritate Butylene glycol No Sure Cruelty free 4.5/5 Easy ingredient record, plenty of soothing snail mucin, non sticky gel
Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner Watery essence £12.99 for 100ml 12.99 Milk vecht extract, arginine None Butylene glycol No Sure Vegan and cruelty free 4.5/5 Easy ingredient record, stunning packaging
Secret Key Aloe Soothing Toner Watery toner £11.26 for 248ml 4.54 Aloe vera, glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, beta glucan, snail extract, plant extracts, allantoin, inexperienced tea No None Perfume No ? 4.5/5 loads of aloe, if that agrees with you, good worth, fragranced sadly
Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Toner Watery toner £1.69 for 200ml 0.8 Hydrogenated starch hydrosylate, witch hazel, chamomile, allantoin, panthenol, niacinamide, sodium pca None None No Sure No 4.5/5 Not mega hydrating- witch hazel may be drying however pimples secure and has some nice soothing substances, low-cost
B by Superdrug Calm Chamomile Spritz Watery mist £8.99 for 75ml 11.99 Glycerin, niacinamide, panthenol, Urea, fructose, allantoin, sodium pca None Sure, dipropylene glycol Perfume No Vegan and cruelty free 4.5/5 fragranced, small bottle so not price efficient, however available within the UK
Etude House Soonyung 5.5 Relief Toner Watery toner £14.99 for 180ml 8.32 Glycerin, panthenol, madecassoside, scutellaria baicalensis root extract None Butylene Glycol No Sure Vegan and cruelty free 4.5 Good for pimples susceptible pores and skin as a consequence of pH, accommodates wound therapeutic centella extract
Hylamide Sub Q Mist Watery mist £13 for 150ml 8.66 Rosewater, inexperienced tea extract, tasmanian pepperberry, polysaccarhides None None No No Vegan and cruelty free 4.3/5 soothing, antioxidant wealthy mist
Pixi Glow Mist Oili in water mist £16 for 80ml 20 Olive oil, propolis, niacinamide, argan oil, aloe vera, sodium hyaluronate, panthenol Olive oil, hyaluronate could also be irritating Sure Perfume No Cruelty free 4.3/5 hydrating, some good substances, however fragranced and potential pimples set off
The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics Watery hydrator £5.90 for 30ml 19.66 Algae extract, fermented marine extracts, amino acids Sure, algae extract is comedogenic Hexylene, caprylol glycol No No Vegan and cruelty free 4.2/5 very nice and hydrating, however small bottle, potential pimples set off
The Ordinary Amino Acids + B5 Water based mostly hydrator with an oily really feel £5.90 for 30ml 19.66 Sodium pca, panthenol, amino acids None None No Sure Sure 4.2/5 feels stunning, very restoration, a bit costly for 7 skins per ml
Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner Watery mist £7.95 for 125ml 6.36 Rose water, glycerin, chamomile None None No Sure Vegan and cruelty free 4.0/5 easy ingredient record, all spherical good egg
Missha First Treatment Essence Watery essence £26 for 150ml 17.33 80% fermented yeast extract, niacinamide, rice extract, sodium pca, ldl cholesterol None Sure, Butylene glycol No No ? 3.9/5 costly, glass packaging, could also be a fungal pimples set off

As a result of I’m within the UK there’s a British focus to the merchandise I put within the desk, you will get all of them within the UK. The Asian merchandise you may have to get shipped from Yesstyle, which may take some time however it’s fantastic. The rankings I picked from no matter web site had probably the most ratings- eg MakeupAlley

You don’t should have 7 separate merchandise for 7 skins.  You should utilize the identical product 7 instances, or 2 merchandise a number of instances every, you don’t should do seven layers. It’s very adaptable and private. 7 skins is simply a straightforward to recollect catchy identify for hydration. Search for a product with humectants (see graphic beneath) and layer as many instances as appears cheap.

Humectants for 7 Skins graphic
Humectants for 7 Skins

The best way to add Seven Layers of Hydration into your The Abnormal Routine

If in case you have a take a look at the above desk you’ll discover that The Abnormal merchandise don’t really come up that low-cost per 100ml, in contrast with the opposite product. Marine Hyaluronics is £19.66 per 100ml, whereas Pyunkang Yul is £6 per 100ml. You may not wish to be slapping on 7 layers of The Abnormal, oddly sufficient, it will be very costly.

You’ll wish to discover one other hydrating product that you should use with homosexual abandon. Which product you select is totally as much as you, there’s no mistaken reply. You may wish to decide one thing watery and one thing thicker eg. Easy Type to Pores and skin Soothing Toner for few couple of layers and a few layers of Hado Labo Premium. Should you use 7 layers of a gel hydrator like Hado Labo Premium, issues may get fairly sticky.

As a rule of thumb merchandise go on so as of consistency- toner, water based mostly serums, thicker serums, oils, moisturisers. However there are some points that come up-

  • The place does my acid slot in? Acids go straight after cleaning on dry pores and skin at all times. I’ve run my very own assessments utilizing my pores and skin pH meter. I wished to test how layers of hydration affected the pH of the pores and skin after an alpha hydroxy acid. The third layer of hydration introduced the pores and skin’s pH again up. So you will get away with an exfoliating acid and two layers of hydration with out affecting the impact of the acid. You could possibly name it a day at that time after which moisturise, alternatively,  you might anticipate the acid to do it’s factor then transfer on to hydration, say after half-hour.
    pH of skin after acid +AHA- graph goes up after 3rd layer
    pH of Pores and skin After an Acid then Layers of Hydration
  • The place does my retinoid/tretinoin slot in?– Should you’re a newbie with retinoids, it is very important solely apply to dry pores and skin. Retinol isn’t as robust as tretinoin so the dry pores and skin factor is perhaps not as vital. Do your 7 skins hydration, permit it to soak up then transfer onto the retinoid/tretinoin. The seven pores and skin will nourish the pores and skin and scale back irritation and purging.
  • The place do I put water based mostly serums if I’m doing 7 skins?– Serums like Buffet, Argireline, Matrixyl, Niacinamide, Ascorbyl Glucoside ought to go near the pores and skin originally of the 7 skins routine close to to the pores and skin and rely as a layer of hydration.
  • Heavier merchandise like Azaleic Acid, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate or Vitamin C 23%/30% go after the hydration– they’re each okay on damp pores and skin, so no want to offer an prolonged time period for absorption. Simply apply straight after hydration then transfer onto moisturiser.
  • NMF and oils additionally go after hydration– these are essential , you shouldn’t skip moisturising after hydration, they go hand in hand. There may be virtually no level in hydrating except you moisturise. Its the icing on the cake. Moisturiser seals in all these pretty layers of hydration you added.

7 Skins + The Abnormal Abstract

The take residence message is that hydration is nice, it’s value testing, it doesn’t matter what your challenge is. 

  • Acids and tretinoin must be used on dry pores and skin. Acids go earlier than 7 skins, tretinoin/retinol goes after it totally absorbs.
  • Water based mostly serums together with acids can rely as a “pores and skin” and go originally of the routine.
  • Positively select perfume and alcohol free toners and essences
  • A “pores and skin” generally is a toner, essence, serum or ampoule, it simply must have humectant ingredients- see record above

Should you discover you’re getting worsening of pores and skin points after beginning 7 skins methodology, then await my second publish on the subject and I’ll undergo all the problems. I do know this all feels like a frightening quantity of effort, however actually it’s only a bit of additional emphasis on hydration and it could reap great advantages. Going by the non-public experiences on the Deciem Chatroom, there are rather a lot constructive stories. There may be additionally a podcast which fits with this on Skincare with Buddies, out there on iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify,  Stitcher… come and join my chatroom.


Verdier-Sévrain, S., & Bonté, F. (2007). Pores and skin hydration: a assessment on its molecular mechanisms. Journal of Beauty Dermatology, 6(2), 75–82. doi:10.1111/j.1473-2165.2007.00300.x 

This publish shouldn’t be sponsored by anybody, Mr 7 Skins didn’t present me any merchandise, however the hyperlinks are affiliate, click on and spend and I get a quid and I thanks for that. 

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