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Pores and skin performs a mess of features; antimicrobial, antibacterial in addition to permeability. It acts like the physique’s first line of protection towards allergens, pathogens, UV rays, water loss, chemical penetration, and many others. Briefly, our pores and skin is continually below assault from environmental aggressors, all of which straight contribute to the manufacturing of free radicals and oxidation, resulting in untimely growing old. However that is not all. Many people add insult to damage by layering extra dangerous chemical compounds and adopting harsh skincare routines that contribute to quicker growing old and trigger pointless pores and skin illness and sensitivity. Some examples are using cleansers containing SLS, bodily exfoliators, the abuse of chemical exfoliators, retinols, chemical sunscreens and preservatives.

The entire above-mentioned practices straight contribute to impaired lipid barrier operate. The lipid barrier is the invisible layer that protects the dermis (prime layer of the pores and skin). It’s composed of ceramides, fatty acids and ldl cholesterol; all of this may be simply exhausted by taking scorching showers, utilizing cleaning soap every day, and adopting the dangerous habits mentioned earlier.

Repairing the lipid barrier, nevertheless, is just not such a easy course of. It takes quite a lot of time, endurance, cautious consideration to food regimen, and constant use of the correct topicals. The ethical of the story right here is that prevention is the very best technique on the subject of growing old pores and skin.

The best way to stop untimely growing old?

1- Go away your pores and skin alone: Probably the most essential step is to let go of the mindset that’s ingrained in our mind that exfoliation results in quicker cell turnover, leading to wrinkle-free pores and skin. Exfoliation doesn’t promote cell renewal, however slightly removes lifeless cells, revealing wholesome (residing) cells. That is it!!! So in case you are exfoliating successfully utilizing high quality enzymatic, AHA or BHA exfoliant; it’s not obligatory to make use of these substances in any of your merchandise for at the least every week or two, and even longer. A very good rule of thumb is to visibly see or really feel the feel of the floor earlier than utilizing your chemical / enzymatic exfoliant.

As for the bodily, I strongly suppose these must be banned. There isn’t any worse aggressor on the pores and skin than particles that scratch it over and over.

2- Put on mineral sunscreen with zinc oxide SPF30: That is essential for safeguarding the pores and skin from harm brought on by UVA and UVB rays. Discover out extra on this matter in our weblog titled: Every little thing You Want To Know About Sunscreen, Chemical substances, Minerals, And Every little thing In Between.

3- Use clear skincare: I nonetheless cannot fathom the resistance to raised substances. There are such a lot of nice choices right this moment which are so a lot better for you and your well being, whereas being economical and even cheaper than conventional toxin-rich skincare merchandise. I assume there may be nonetheless this false impression that pure substances do not work. Please hear this from a magnificence business insider over 20 years previous. This notion has been ingrained in your mind by commercials and salespeople determined to make their commissions, justifying the excessive costs of unnecessarily costly merchandise made with synthetics and parabens, the place the jar is usually costlier than the formulation inside.

Be sure your skincare routine consists of important substances reminiscent of:

4- Massage your skin daily every time you apply skin care. It is an integral part of absorbing nutrients and smoothing facial muscles by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Always move up and out starting at the center points of the face (chin, nose and between the eyebrows).

How to correct the signs of aging and help reverse them?

  • Use all the preventive measures mentioned as they will also help you reverse the age.
  • Reactivate your hyaluronic acid serum throughout the day to keep skin plump.
  • Include a peptide-rich serum in your day and night routine.
  • Use a night cream rich with glycerin to prevent skin water loss.
  • Use a home LED mask daily with red light to promote collagen synthesis.
  • Get collagen induction therapy in a practitioner’s office 4-6 times a year. Be sure to ask for the Micro-needling pen (not the roller) for best results and even collagen distribution.
  • Eat a healthy diet designed to promote the regeneration of collagen and elastin in the skin. Please refer to this blog for anything related to collagen.
  • Relax and get plenty of sleep: Science has proven that your body repairs and regenerates itself overnight. So if you don’t allow regeneration time during deep sleep, you are missing out on important age reversal opportunities.

Be well. Be careful. Be pretty!

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