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Wendy Ouriel

How are you aware if somebody is a vegan, runner, or purchased a home in Malibu in 1970 for $ 15 and it is now value $ 40 million? As a result of they’ll let you know. You too can depend that if a skincare firm makes use of hyaluronic acid, they’ll let you know that it’s 1000 instances its weight in water.

Effectively, I put that declare to the take a look at. And I’ve discovered that hyaluronic acid doesn’t maintain 1000 instances its weight in water. It would not maintain 500 instances its weight in water, it would not even maintain 100 instances its weight in water. I found that hyaluronic acid solely comprises about 10 to 50 instances its weight in water.

Maybe extra blatant than the utterly false declare is that there is no such thing as a clear strategy to decide how a lot hyaluronic acid is definitely absorbed, which is why I might solely give a variety of 10 to 50 instances in my outcomes. Hyaluronic acid varieties a gel when saturated, however there is no such thing as a subjective strategy to decide when this “gel” is absolutely saturated, so you can’t weigh the absolutely saturated gel to find out the quantity of d. water absorbed. I anticipated to have the ability to filter the gel absolutely saturated with the water that was not absorbed, weigh it and decide how a lot water the hyaluronic acid absorbed. I could not do that as a result of the gel diversified in thickness, or simply modified the thickness of the water to such a small diploma that it was not measurable.

I used hyaluronic acid of various sizes to find out if there was a variation in absorbency relying on the mass of the molecule. Hyaluronic acid is measured in daltons. Dalton is used to measure one thing of very low mass, on the atomic degree. 1 dalton = 0.000000000000000000000000166054 grams.

There was additionally a excessive diploma of variation within the absorbency of hyaluronic acid as a operate of molecular weight. The excessive molecular weight, low molecular weight, and tremendous low molecular weight had comparable absorbances, however the extremely low molecular weight was barely capable of maintain water.

Materials used on this experiment:

Excessive Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid (HMW): 1.0-1.5 million daltons

Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid (HLW): 0.8-1.0 million daltons

Extremely Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid (HSLMW): <50,000 Dalton

Extremely Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid (HULMW): <6,000 daltons

Distilled water

Experimental strategies and outcomes

The primary a part of the experiment, I went straight to the declare that hyaluronic acid absorbs 1000 instances its weight in water. I weighed 1g of HA for all molecular weights (HMW, HLW, HSLMW, HULMW) and positioned it in 1000g of distilled water.

Within the picture, 1 g of HA and 1000 g of water (the quarter indicated for the size). As you may see, it’s a daring declare to say that such a small quantity of HA can take in a lot water. Experimentally this could imply that the HA would flip water right into a thick gel when added. This doesn’t occur.

I then let the combination sit for 2 days to permit for full absorption.

After two days, the combination seemed no totally different from extraordinary water. There was no noticeable change in thickness. I filtered the combination to find out if a gel had shaped, indicating absorption and no gel was obtained.

Which means hyaluronic acid didn’t take in 1000 instances its weight in water. It did not even come shut sufficient to that quantity to be measured.

I repeated the above protocol for 500x the burden of HA in water, 250x its weight in water and 100x its weight in water. At 100 instances its weight in water, there was some water thickening for HMW, HLW, and HSLMW, however not for HULMW. These outcomes point out that HA was beginning to present saturation, however that is 10 instances lower than the claims of 1000.

When HMW, HLW and HSLMW have been put in 50 instances its weight in water, a semi-thick gel (hair gel consistency) shaped. Nevertheless, this was not what HA is meant to seem like when absolutely saturated, indicating that it was not capable of absolutely take in 50 instances its weight in water. Due to this fact, I had so as to add much less water to the combination to find out the saturation level of HA. It is usually essential to notice that the gel thinned after day 2 and a bit water rushed upwards, indicating that a number of the HA absorbed was misplaced later.

The gel proven right here shaped at 50 instances the burden of water, however the fineness of the gel indicated that the HA was not capable of utterly take in the entire water in its environment.

The subsequent step was to place HMW, HLW and HSLMW in 10 instances its weight in water. That is when a very saturated gel shaped. This gel was dense and had the properties of HA when utterly saturated. It was solely then that gel clumps shaped within the water and may very well be decanted and weighed to find out the quantity of HA really able to absorbing.

This gel, obtained by placing HA in 10 instances its weight in water, had the thickness suitable with absolutely saturated hyaluronic acid.

This expertise advised me that hyaluronic acid would not maintain 1000 instances its weight in water, nevertheless it additionally advised me one thing far more essential. This experiment advised me that there is no such thing as a stable scientific protocol to find out how a lot water hyaluronic acid is ready to take in. There was a various diploma within the thickness of the gels relying on the quantity of water added, and there was no level in any of the experiments the place I might subjectively and definitively decide the place the hyaluronic acid was utterly saturated. A gel solely began to type round 50x its weight, and the gel gave the impression to be absolutely saturated solely round 10x its weight. The issue right here is that it’s completely as much as the researcher to provide a tough estimate based mostly on his personal notion of how a lot weight of hyaluronic acid he’s really capable of take in in water. Which means the science behind the claims of hyaluronic acid absorption is considerably doubtful.

Finally, it would not actually matter how a lot water hyaluronic acid can take in from a skincare standpoint as it’s an ingredient to be prevented resulting from its drying impact. It would not take in into the pores and skin or plump it up, so it would not matter if it could take in 10 instances its weight or 1000 instances its weight. It simply would not make sense.

However what issues is {that a} declare that has been repeated by each skincare firm that makes use of it’s utterly false. And the worst half is that unfounded rumour is offered as scientific and is repeated so usually that individuals take it at face worth with none additional analysis. None of those firms have completed their very own analysis to again up this declare. They simply repeated it and deceived everybody. None of that is scientific.

It is time for actual science to rise.

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