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Wendy Ouriel


On this research, I seemed on the results of hyaluronic acid serums on dry pores and skin.

The inspiration for this research had been the next observations:

  1. Hyaluronic acid types a gel on contact with water as a result of it attracts water from its surroundings
  2. Hyaluronic acid is just not capable of penetrate into the dermis as soon as this gel has fashioned, and due to this fact arises on the pores and skin
  3. A typical grievance from customers utilizing HA serums is dry pores and skin


The purpose of this research was to look at the results of skincare merchandise containing hyaluronic acid on pores and skin hydration ranges.

Experimental Serums

For this experiment, a serum containing pure water-based extracts and 0.25% (HA0.25), 0.5% (HA0.5) and 0.75% (HA0.75) of hyaluronic acid had been been utilized to the pores and skin (in an space not uncovered to the solar) for a month.

Experimental controls

Pores and skin hydration ranges had been in comparison with controls:

Management A: water

Management B: Aqueous extract with out HA

Comparability with Vaseline:

Pores and skin hydration ranges had been in comparison with hydration ranges from the appliance of liquid extract serum (management B) adopted by topical petroleum jelly (SV) utilized to the pores and skin.


The hydration ranges of the stratum corneum had been measured by making use of a probe to the pores and skin after utility of sera or controls and by measuring the conductance of the pores and skin. Measurements had been taken as soon as every week for a complete of 4 weeks.

Why conductance measurements are necessary:

When there’s a change within the water property of the pores and skin, its electrical exercise additionally adjustments.

Conductance is a measure of how simply an electrical present can move via your pores and skin. Water conducts electrical energy. When there may be extra water in your pores and skin, the present has a higher capability to maneuver.

All of the measurements had been taken at 10 a.m., 2 hours after the appliance of the serum or of the management. The sera and controls had been all saved at room temperature and saved away from daylight. All sera and controls had been wiped off the utilized space with a moist fabric and patted dry to keep away from interference with the readings.

5 whole measurements had been taken for every experimental or management serum and the common measurement was recorded.


It was discovered that there was a gradual lack of hydration ranges within the pores and skin when utilizing a serum containing HA. It was famous that the extra HA there was within the serum, the higher the lack of hydration.

There have been no vital adjustments in hydration ranges for the management sera

There was a noticeable enhance in hydration ranges when the serum extract was sealed to the pores and skin with petroleum jelly.


This preliminary research reveals that serums containing hyaluronic acid trigger drying properties of the pores and skin. Hyaluronic acid has the pure tendency to extract water from its environment, and when utilized to the pores and skin, it extracts water from the pores and skin. These outcomes present that for pores and skin hydration, it’s best to use a moisturizing serum with none water-pulling components, and seal the serum with a topical that forestalls evaporation.

Future research will contain long-term measurements of dry pores and skin utilizing the above strategies along with utilizing completely different gear to measure pores and skin hydration.

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