Pink bumps around the mouth: it may not be acne

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Girl with perioral dermatitisIn an age when many individuals more and more depend on video conferencing resembling Zoom and FaceTime to attach remotely with household, buddies and colleagues, rashes on the face could be particularly bothersome. One of many frequent facial pores and skin circumstances that SkinCare docs have seen extra usually throughout telemedicine visits not too long ago is perioral dermatitis.

What’s perioral dermatitis?

Because the identify suggests, this rash happens often across the mouth in addition to the nostril and might seem across the eyes. It most frequently impacts girls and youngsters. Perioral dermatitis can vary from scattered pink bumps which may be clean or scaly, stuffed with fluid or pus. These bumps may merge into bigger purple spots. The rash could also be itchy, painful, or asymptomatic. As a result of the presentation varies, perioral dermatitis could be misdiagnosed as different circumstances resembling zits or eczema.

Examples of perioral dermatitis around the mouth of an adolescent and a child

What are the causes of perioral dermatitis?

Regardless of its prevalence, the precise explanation for perioral dermatitis stays unknown. It’s believed to be a kind of inflammatory response and is usually related to using topical steroids. Steroids must be stopped and prevented as they will make the rash worse. Generally a pores and skin product like new make-up or moisturizer can precipitate an outbreak. Because of the propensity to contain the lip space, toothpaste containing fluoride or sodium laurel sulfate has additionally been implicated as a trigger. Not too long ago, studies of a rise in circumstances of perioral dermatitis, coinciding with extra widespread use of the masks, have raised questions as as to if masks or continual occlusion as a consequence of extended facial protection could contribute to spurts.

Find out how to deal with perioral dermatitis?

In lots of circumstances, the set off might not be simply recognized. Happily, perioral dermatitis responds effectively to remedy. Topical remedies together with clindamycin, erythromycin or metronidazole are sometimes prescribed. Topical immunomodulators resembling pimecrolimus or tacrolimus are additionally efficient. In some circumstances, a mixture of a topical agent with an oral antibiotic could also be crucial.

If in case you have a continual rash round your mouth or nostril, it might be time to see a dermatologist. Our SkinCare Physicians suppliers may help you diagnose your pores and skin situation by way of a telemedicine go to. Schedule one now.

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