Using a tinted lip balm doesn’t have to be difficult. Read these 7 tips

In the present day we’re going to discover what lip balm is, why it must be in everybody’s pocket and purse, and we’ll even attempt to make our personal lip balm from pure elements.

And so, we’ll flip our easy lip balm right into a pure tinted lip balm by including pure elements to it.

This manner you’ll get a 2 in 1 product that won’t solely care for your lips but in addition improve their magnificence and coloration.

1. What’s lip balm

Lip balm is a substance you set in your lips to hydrate them and maintain them from drying out and cracking.

Lib balm might be in strong or semi-solid kind. Most frequently, it is available in a tube container that appears like a lipstick.

2. Advantages of lip balm

Keep in mind our earlier articles on lip care, that our lips don’t comprise sebaceous glands. As well as, the pores and skin of the lips could be very delicate and fantastic. This causes our lips to dry out and chop rapidly.

Lip balm has many advantages in your lips:

a) as I already talked about it moisturizes and protects your lips

b) it nourishes and regenerates your lips

c) it might forestall your lips from peeling, slicing and even getting chilly sores

3. Disadvantages of utilizing lip balm

It virtually sounds unbelievable, however sure, utilizing a lip balm can have its downsides.

Your lips can change into the alternative of what you need – even drier and scaly.

This occurs in case you use cheap business merchandise that comprise dangerous elements: menthol, phenol, paraffin, petrolatum, and completely different dyes.

You may additionally be allergic to sure elements. Though you’ll not get the commonest instantaneous allergic response corresponding to rash, hives, itching and many others. you may get allergy symptoms after heavy use of those lip balms.

Please learn the elements fastidiously and keep away from merchandise containing these dangerous parts.

And, as we’ll see later, you’ll be able to simply create a do-it-yourself lip balm, and even higher – a tinted lip balm.

4. What are the wholesome elements in a lip balm

So, I feel we agree that we favor our lip care merchandise to be innocent and wholesome. These lip balms normally comprise the next:

  • Beeswax – as wholesome hardening elements
  • Pure butters – shea, coconut, mango, cocoa and many others. There are various superb butters with distinctive properties. You possibly can learn the complete article about them HERE.
  • Provider oils – jojoba, coconut oil, grape seed oil, sesame seed oil and others.
  • Important oils – that is an non-obligatory step, you’ll add 1 or 2 drops of your favourite important oil to get a pleasing scent and revel in the advantages of Essential oil himself.

5. What pure elements to make use of so as to add coloration to your lip balm


Let’s be trustworthy: the colour pigment in DIY merchandise is not going to be as wealthy as in business merchandise. Fairly just because we use pure elements. We is not going to use any synthetic colours or coloration enhancers.

Nonetheless, it’s potential to have an apparent tint to your do-it-yourself tinted balms. And will probably be observed when you apply them to your lips.

Thus, the commonest pure coloring components for tinted balms are:

  • beet root powder – derived from unusual beets.
  • alkane root powder – derived from an alkane plant root.
  • cocoa powder – derived from the cocoa tree.

Notice: I’ve seen recipes that urged utilizing pink clays. I attempted it and to be trustworthy I did not prefer it. Clay has very excessive absorbent and drying properties. After I tried utilizing lip balm with clay it felt like I used to be drying out. Clays are nice for lip exfoliation, however not for extended use when attempting to maintain our lips hydrated.

Make completely different colours and shades with pure colours

PINK COLOR – add the beetroot powder

DEEP RED COLOR – add the alkane root powder and the beetroot root powder in a 1: 1 ratio.

COLOR RED / PURPLE – alkane root

COLOR BROWN RED – add the alkane root powder and cocoa powder in a proportion of two: 1

6. Provides it’s good to make lip balm

You’ll need the next:

  • Butter (s) of your alternative
  • Wax palettes
  • Oil (s) of your alternative
  • Pure coloring as above (in case you plan to do a tint balm)
  • Important oil (non-obligatory)
  • Balm tubes

Glass oil dropper (non-obligatory however extremely beneficial. You possibly can reuse the dropper from an previous bottle – simply clear it completely. You may as well purchase dropper on Amazon. glass drops, as you can be transferring a scorching combination of oils and butters into the tube. You wish to make it possible for the plastic dropper is not going to soften on you).

7. How lengthy can you retain a do-it-yourself lip balm?

I’ve excellent news: you’ll be able to maintain this balm for a really very long time – at the least a 12 months.

Sure!!!!! (not like many different do-it-yourself merchandise like masks, toners, and facial cleansers)

And I’m conservative in saying a 12 months. Actually, I haven’t got numerous lip balms that I revamped 3 years in the past – they don’t seem to be an issue. I am unsure if I’d simply suggest anybody to maintain a product for that lengthy, however hey, I assumed I’d point out it.

So you’ll be able to simply make a complete bunch of them and maintain them in every pocket (that is what I do). Give them as presents, give them to your kids, mates, and many others.

Take pleasure in.

Keep stunning !!!!!

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