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Dr Kaminer injects new cellulite treatment into patientThe world of cellulite is altering quickly! The FDA just lately authorised two new remedies (Qwo and Soliton) so as to add to beforehand authorised Cellfina and Sculptra therapies. WE CAN NOW TREAT ALL TYPES OF CELLULITE EFFECTIVELY!


Only a few years in the past, cellulite remedies have been principally snake oil. Nothing labored and the hype far exceeded the substance. Every part modified with the introduction of Cellfina, which was designed and developed at SkinCare Physicians. The important a part of Cellfina’s historical past is made up of fibrous partitions. Fibrous septa are skinny strands of collagen that connect the pores and skin to underlying buildings. One concept that had been circulating for a few years was that these septa have been a important reason behind cellulite, however nobody had been capable of show it… till Cellfina got here alongside. In a collection of scientific experiments, researchers at SkinCare Physicians focused the fibrous septa. The speculation was that if we may successfully deal with the fibrous septa, inflicting cellulite dimples to enhance, then voila, the fibrous septa have to be the basis reason behind the cellulite. And that’s exactly what occurred! Cellfina experiments have confirmed that treating fibrous septa reliably and successfully improves cellulite. Cellfina achieved this by direct and minimally invasive slicing of the fibrous septa, generally known as “mechanical subcision”. The bonus was that these outcomes have been lengthy lasting, with effectiveness lasting past 5 years.

Before and after photos of Cellfina anti-cellulite treatment

Pre and publish Cellfina – Mechanical subcision remedy


Naturally, the remainder of the dermatology world took notice and corporations started to search for different methods to deal with fibrous septa. Lately, an injectable drug (Qwo, Endo Prescribed drugs) that chemically breaks down fibrous septa was authorised by the FDA. This “chemical subcision” is extremely secure and solely requires a couple of small injections per dimple to successfully enhance contours. As much as about 24 dimples could be simply handled in a single session, with a complete of two to three classes at month-to-month intervals required for optimum outcomes. The principle facet impact is bruising, which fits away by itself. Qwo has been the topic of intensive research at SkinCare Physicians, the place we have been actively concerned within the analysis that led to the FDA approval.

Before and after photos of Qwo anti-cellulite treatment

Pre and publish Qwo – Chemical Subcision Remedy


Resonic from Soliton (Houston, TX) additionally targets fibrous septa utilizing sound waves in a totally non-invasive, painless remedy. This “acoustic subcision” selectively targets the septa and improves cellulite dimpling in over 95% of sufferers in a single remedy. Resonic doesn’t require needles or surgical procedure, and there’s no restoration. The primary Soliton cellulite remedy ever to happen at SkinCare Physicians, and we have been the first focus of this fascinating FDA medical trial that led to the approval of the cellulite remedy. Additional work is underway to look at the effectiveness of a number of remedies over time, with additional analysis into the pores and skin tightening results that seem like produced by these sound waves as nicely. Thrilling issues!

Before and after Resonic cellulite treatment (Soliton)

Pre- and post-Resonic (Soliton) – Acoustic subcision remedy


Sculptra is one other software in our cellulite remedy equipment that smooths out powerful dimples and will also be used to form and slim buttocks and thighs. Sculptra is a filler that we now have been utilizing on the face for over a decade, and it has some distinctive and fairly efficient properties that we will use within the remedy of cellulite. A collection of 1 to three remedy classes a few month aside are required, with the injection of small quantities of this smoothing and efficient filler to erase dimples, clean waves and form the contours of the buttocks. Outcomes sometimes final a yr or extra, with subsequent minor touch-up procedures required to take care of outcomes.

Before and after cellulite treatment with Sculptra filler

Pre and publish Sculptra – Filler remedy on the buttocks

Before and after Sculptra anti-cellulite treatment on the thighs

Pre and publish Sculptra – Filling remedy on the thighs

In fact, with all of those thrilling remedy choices, it’s pure to mix the procedures for every affected person. Not all cellulite dimples are the identical, and our medical doctors can assess your distinctive anatomy and suggest the optimum cellulite remedies. In some instances, a fastidiously executed mixture method utilizing a number of of the out there cellulite remedy choices will produce the smoothness that has been so elusive with earlier remedies. Above all, with Cellfina, Qwo, Resonic and Sculptra, we now have the instruments to deal with nearly any sort of cellulite!

Earlier than and after pictures courtesy of Endo Prescribed drugs, Soliton and SkinCare Physicians

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