Collagen is probably the most ample protein within the physique, accounting for as much as 70% of our general protein. It’s present in tendons, ligaments, connective tissue, bones, and pores and skin. It is mainly the glue that holds us all collectively and the construction that types the premise of our pores and skin. From across the age of 20 to 25, we lose round 1% collagen every year, which finally results in sagging pores and skin and joint issues.

What are the principle causes of collagen breakdown and how are you going to keep away from them?

The principle components of collagen degradation are:

1- The surroundings: The solar being the largest offender, affecting your entire construction of the pores and skin, inflicting dehydration, irritation and oxidation. Different environmental offenders are air pollution and blue mild.

2- Weight loss program: Consuming refined carbohydrates, easy sugars, alcohol, and processed meals all contribute to the breakdown of collagen.

3- Smoking: Researchers have discovered that smoking reduces our physique’s collagen manufacturing by 40% and drastically depletes vitamin C ranges that are important for immune protection and collagen synthesis.

4- Stress: Research have proven that power stress causes the manufacturing of cortisol, the stress hormone, which breaks down collagen and elastin, thereby accelerating untimely getting older.

What Occurs When We Lose Collagen?

Collagen is just not solely important for stopping wrinkles, however the lack of collagen can result in leaky intestine, hormonal imbalance, and joint issues. Because of this we must always cease searching for collagen lotions and deal with consumption as an alternative. While you enhance your collagen ranges, you’ll be able to expertise the next advantages:

1- Your joints are effectively lubricated. Therefore, sustaining more healthy bones and higher mobility.

2- Collagen helps restore and seal the cell partitions of the gastrointestinal tract by serving to to heal leaky intestine which generally is a main set off for irritation within the physique.

3- More healthy hair and nails, and smoother and firmer pores and skin.

Forms of dietary collagen and the way can we adequately generate it via meals?

I am certain if you’re studying this you’ve understood the development for collagen powders and drinks promising to rebuild and agency your pores and skin. I’d hate to be the bearer of dangerous information, however our pores and skin being the least essential to our physique, having many extra important organs like liver, coronary heart and mind, our pores and skin is at all times the final to obtain water, nutritional vitamins, minerals and also you guessed it – collagen! In actual fact, when consumed, collagen is damaged down into amino acids that are the important constructing blocks for exciting the physique’s (and pores and skin’s) personal manufacturing of collagen.

Forms of dietary collagen:

1- Gelatin: it’s basically cooked collagen, typically obtained from the hooves and bones of pork or bovine animals.

2- Hydrolyzed Collagen: This may come from fish bones and is usually extra bioavailable, offering higher receptivity and absorption by the physique.

There’s all kinds of amino acids present in meals, however the principle ones that flip into collagen are wisteria, proline and hydroxyproline. This is the place you could find them:

Wisteria: beans, nuts, seeds, fish and meat.

Proline: ample in asparagus, cabbage and mushrooms.

Hydrxyproline: current within the proteins of salmon flour, meat and bone.

There are additionally quite a few important meals to extend the physique’s capacity to generate extra collagen. The principle meals that stimulate collagen manufacturing are:

Berries: Wealthy in ellagine which reduces the inflammatory response and maintains wholesome collagen, stopping its breakdown.

Garlic: Caffeic acid is wealthy in sulfur and taurine. Each assist rebuild broken collagen.

Citrus fruits and kiwis: Wealthy in vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis.

Egg whites: Wealthy in Lysine – one other amino acid that helps construct collagen.

Fatty fish like salmon, and sardines will not be solely excessive in glycine, however in omega 3 and vitamin A, bettering pores and skin elasticity and aiding in tissue technology and wound therapeutic.

Darkish inexperienced leafy greens: Plentiful in folic acid which promotes cell proliferation and regeneration.

Purple vegetables and fruit like beets and tomatoes are wealthy in lycopene which performs a serious position in inhibiting “collagenases”, the enzymatic breakdown of collagen, serving to to maintain the pores and skin agency and supple.

Orange greens like carrots and candy potatoes are wealthy in vitamin A, which is finest taken from meals relatively than dietary supplements which may have a drying impact on the pores and skin. This vitamin is important for the restore and synthesis of cells.

Soy merchandise include genistein, a plant hormone that acts as an antioxidant defending collagen and blocking the enzymes liable for its breakdown.

Mushrooms: Loaded with vitamin D, they promote collagen manufacturing and strengthen elasticity. Additionally wealthy in protecting antioxidants that assist stop the breakdown of collagen.

Do Collagen Dietary supplements Work?

Meals needs to be the principle supply of nutrient consumption. Nevertheless, most of us usually discover it troublesome to eat a balanced weight loss plan. Dietary supplements are simply that! They’re nice for supplementing your weight loss plan, however shouldn’t be used as a supply of your vitamins because the business stays poorly regulated and it isn’t clear whether or not the dietary supplements you’re taking will present precisely what’s acknowledged on the label. . You wish to do your homework and be very selective in regards to the manufacturers you belief. Additionally it is advisable to take blood exams infrequently to verify your ranges and to contain your physician in your supplementation plan.

All of that out of the way in which, I’m personally a fan of Lumity dietary supplements as they’re primarily based on science and superior analysis, and in addition look like fairly complete, together with amino acids and collagen boosting nutritional vitamins. I additionally take Anima Mundi collagen boosters with adaptogenic herbs which have been used for hundreds of years to advertise pores and skin well being. How I really like mixture of science and historic knowledge !!

What in regards to the pores and skin? Do Collagen Pores and skin Lotions Work? and what’s the finest therapy to spice up collagen?

Typically talking, with a couple of exceptions, what works for the physique additionally advantages the pores and skin. You’ll wish to search for antioxidant-rich formulations that defend collagen, use bodily / mineral sunscreen with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to guard your self from the solar, and use serums that include amino acids and peptides ( constructing blocks of collagen). Additionally, be sure your merchandise include nutritional vitamins A, C, D, E, K2 and fatty acids to guard, stimulate collagen, and hold your pores and skin supple.

Be effectively. Watch out. Be fairly!

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