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6 Hair Care Tips – Eyra Organic

Cold water makes hair shinier

There is no need to do all the washing in cold water. You can start with lukewarm water and do the last rinse with water at a lower temperature. This way we will make the hair much shinier.

You shouldn't go to bed with wet hair

If we go to sleep with wet hair, we can damage the scalp cuticle, causing irritation that will cause discomfort later. And this gesture, which we do, a priori, out of laziness, is very harmful to our hair and our scalp.

Cutting hair often makes it grow faster
For hair to grow faster, it is necessary to trim the ends at least every two months. Because did you know that, according to specialists, hair generally grows 1 centimeter per month?

Wash your hair correctly

It all depends on whether or not you use the right products for your hair type. There are a large number of hair types and not all of them need to be washed with the same frequency and intensity. The ideal is that you choose products that adapt to the needs of your hair and that you respect your hair's cleaning needs. We recommend our Growth Action Shampoo, our Repairing Action Shampoo.

It is advisable not to detangle your hair when it is wet.

Let it dry a little then detangle it, don't do it immediately after getting out of the shower, the hair is much more fragile because of the humidity. Start detangling from the ends upwards with a wooden comb and gently.

Tying your hair can break it

If we tie our hair in a very tight tie and make a very tight bun, it can break. The ideal would be to hold it with clips or fabric clips, as they are much gentler and do not damage the hair at all.

Treatments, very simple and easy to put into practice.


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