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7 Hair Colors You'll See in 2018: Dolce Placard

Are you tired of balayage highlights or is your hair damaged after using this beautiful pastel tone in your hair? Don't worry, we already know that almost a month has passed since we left everything that happened in 2017, in 2017. And this year we will say goodbye to fantasy and pastel tones to welcome tones “more natural”. Here we tell you, 7 colors in the hair who will lead this year 2018.

Remember that these are not rules that you must follow, the main trend is the one that you impose. Just wear it with attitude. These are just proposals from famous stylists and trends imposed by celebrities, you can take them as a source of inspiration or reference.


7. Wine

A deep cherry shade with a red undertone, with some hints of cinnamon. The great thing about this color is that if you have dark hair, it doesn't require a lot of bleaching to achieve the tone and it looks equally stunning on dark or light skin.

Ph. @HairByStephanieRose/ EvaWigs/ @HairWayToKale

6. Pearl blonde

Totally different from gray, this blonde option is more intense and luminous. There are pros and cons. It looks beautiful on all skin tones, whether you are fair or dark, but it is very complicated to maintain. In this case, for dark hair, reaching the bleaching tone necessary to achieve this color is very strong. Therefore, it is best to bleach at regular intervals so that your hair does not get too damaged by bleaching. During these periods, you can make weekly masks on your hair and apply essential oils.


Ph. AuFeminin/ @KarlieKloss/ CaraDelevignes

5. Strawberry Blonde

Over the years we've seen the beautiful Emma Stone (who is actually blonde) wear this tone. This year it is expected that Emma will not be the only one, since many are already wondering about this tone in beauty salons. If you've always wanted to wear this tone, your time has come!

Ph. Allure / Pinterest / EmStoneDaily

4. Millennial Pink

The fantastic tones haven't completely disappeared. “Millenial Pink” not only made a big splash to come back this 2017 on the catwalks, but now we will also see it in different shades in the hair. We say goodbye to Rose Gold, to welcome “Blorange” and “Rose Caramel”, which range from pink and peach tones to caramel browns with pink highlights.

Ph. @Nyane/ Pinterest/ TheRightHairStyles

3. Chocolates

Who doesn't like chocolates? Chocolate tones are back and there are several shades to choose from: darker, lighter, coffee tones, caramel tones. And they all look absolutely stunning on all skin tones.

Ph. Glitter/ ClassyHairStyle/ Pinterest

2. Cream Soda

The official ambassador of this color is undoubtedly Gigi Hadid. It is a tone that combines shades of ash blonde with warm highlights of golden blonde. No matter the color of your hair, it adapts to all tones!

Ph. Refinery29/ Pinterest/ ColorStyleGuide

1. Root Beer

Do you want to make a change, but not that big? This one is for you. “Root Beer” is a brown with blonde and reddish highlights. A subtle and delicate change that illuminates the face as if you've just come back from the beach!

Ph. @SelenaGomez/ Pinterest/ Pinterest

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You've already seen some of the colors that will take over in 2018. Do you dare to try some?

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