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Berta Martín Sáinz, the woman who dressed Queen Letizia, co-creator of the first Spanish hair brand sold at Harrods: “We are different, our products take care of the hair”

Berta Martín Sáinz: the seamstress behind Queen Letizia

Berta Martín Sáinz is a renowned Spanish dressmaker who has dressed some of the most influential women on the Spanish public scene. However, her talent goes far beyond fashion, as she is also a successful businesswoman who created a hair care brand that has conquered international markets, including the very exclusive Harrods in London.

With a career spanning more than two decades in the fashion world, Berta Martín Sáinz has become a key figure in the Spanish design industry. His elegance and refined style have won over a demanding clientele, including Queen Letizia, who trusts him to create her most iconic looks during official and public events.

The origin of his passion for fashion

Berta Martín Sáinz discovered her passion for fashion at a young age, when she began designing and making her own clothes. With the support of her family, she decided to study fashion design at one of the most prestigious schools in Madrid, where she stood out for her talent and creativity.

After graduating, Berta Martín Sáinz worked in different Spanish fashion brands, where she gained experience and knowledge that she would later apply in her own brand. In 2005, she decided to launch her own clothing line, which quickly became a reference in Spanish fashion thanks to its sophisticated and feminine style.

Queen Letizia: one of her most famous clients

Queen Letizia trusted Berta Martín Sáinz to dress her on numerous occasions, emphasizing her elegance and good taste in the choice of models. The Spanish couturier has created some of the Queen's most iconic looks, which have been praised by the international press and admired by thousands of followers.

The relationship between Berta Martín Sáinz and Queen Letizia goes beyond fashion, as they share a common vision of the role of women in society and the importance of elegance and sophistication on any occasion. The Queen publicly praised the designer's talent and highlighted her ability to highlight the natural beauty of every woman.

The Leap into the Business World: Creating a Successful Brand

After consolidating her career as a seamstress, Berta Martín Sáinz decided to go further and enter the business world. Aware of the importance of diversifying his activities and exploring new opportunities, he created a brand of hair products that would revolutionize the Spanish market and conquer international markets.

Creating a different brand

Berta Martín Sáinz wanted to create a brand of hair products different from those existing on the market. With a focus on quality and innovation, she decided to launch a line of products that not only beautified hair, but also cared for and repaired it from the inside out.

“We are different, our products care for hair”, is the motto of the brand created by Berta Martín Sáinz, which has become a reference in hair care in Spain and other European countries. The seamstress surrounded herself with a team of beauty and hair health experts to develop unique and revolutionary formulas that have won over thousands of demanding consumers.

Conquering Harrods: an important step in your business career

One of Berta Martín Sáinz's most notable achievements as a businesswoman was the inclusion of her hair care brand in the prestigious Harrods in London. Considered one of the most exclusive department stores in the world, Harrods selects only prestigious and high quality brands to be part of its catalog, which constitutes recognition of the excellence and innovation of the Spanish designer's products .

The presence of the Berta Martín Sáinz brand at Harrods has allowed its products to reach an international audience and position themselves as benchmarks in luxury hair care. The seamstress has proven that excellence and passion for a job well done are the keys to success in any industry, even in the competitive and changing beauty and fashion sector.

The legacy of Berta Martín Sáinz: inspiring new generations

Berta Martín Sáinz's career is an example of perseverance, talent and business vision that has inspired many women to follow in her footsteps in the fashion and beauty industry. His ability to reinvent himself and explore new opportunities has shown that success has no limits when one demonstrates passion, dedication and commitment to excellence.

As a fashion designer, businesswoman and reference in Spanish fashion, Berta Martín Sáinz left an indelible legacy in the fashion and beauty industry, which will continue to inspire new generations of designers and entrepreneurs to realize their dreams and bring their most ambitious projects to fruition. . His story reminds us that talent and determination are the most powerful weapons for success in any field.

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