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How to take care of frizzy hair – Eyra Organic

Are you afraid of rainy days? Does the thought that your dryer or iron no longer works make you panic? Well we have good news: with these 6 tips to help you control frizzy hair, you won't have to worry anymore.

1. Comb your hair in a controlled manner

When trying to tame unruly hair caused by frizz, the last thing you want is a brush that will break it, so try styling it with a natural bristle brush. In addition to being soft, these brushes help distribute your hair's natural oils better than brushes with synthetic bristles, resulting in less frizz. How you style your hair is just as important as the brush you use to do it. It may sound strange, but brushing the ends helps detangle stubborn knots that form along the hair shaft, reducing damage and breakage that can be caused by the harsh up-and-down motion of brushing.

2. Apply shampoo to scalp

Are you washing your hair correctly? Seems a bit silly, doesn't it? However, there is a wrong way to do this. When you apply the shampoo, gently massage your scalp instead of rubbing it all over your head. As you rinse, slowly squeeze the foam from the length of your hair to the ends. That's all you need to do to keep it nice and clean. In other words: no need to scrub your hair aggressively, and what's more, you avoid damage and frizz!

3: Lower the temperature

The problem with hairstyles for frizzy hair is that they usually require heat styling tools to help soften the hair, leading to more damage and frizz in the long run. Solve this problem by letting your hair partially air dry then use your electric dryer on cold to finish drying. This will help reduce moisture loss while you style your hair. And don't give in to the urge to vigorously towel dry your hair! The friction that occurs makes your frizz worse. Simply gently wring out your hair with the towel, using your palms to squeeze out excess water.

4: Use protection

Let's put it bluntly: it's unrealistic to eliminate thermal styling tools from your routine. A great way to prevent moisture from evaporating from your freshly washed hair is to use Organic Eyra Blindagem with protection against high temperatures and external agents and helps reduce frizz.

5: Try a mask

Keep frizz under control by treating your hair once a week with an intensive treatment. Masks that nourish hair, like our Eyra Bio Repolarizer, help keep it soft, shiny and frizz-free. Simply apply a generous amount to wet hair, leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. It's a dose of love and attention for unruly hair!

6. Let your hair shine

To directly combat the problem, apply Eyra Organic Antifrizz from mid-lengths to ends on damp hair, it will provide you with a protective layer that controls frizz, tames flyaways and will give you a more stylized look with softer results and shiny.

Don't stop dreaming of having soft, manageable hair. With these practical tips, “how to get rid of frizzy hair” will soon become a question of the past.

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