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Nail Art: if you have short nails, it doesn't matter, we will show you how to give yourself the most beautiful French manicure

The art of short nails: how to highlight a perfect French manicure

Short nails are no obstacle to displaying a spectacular French manicure. Although it may seem like this style of nail art is best suited for long nails, the truth is that with the right tips, any nail length can look great. In this article we will show you how to achieve a perfect French manicure even with short nails.

Nail preparation

Before you start decorating your nails, it is important to prepare them well. In the case of short nails, this is essential so that the final result is impeccable.

The first thing to do is file your nails to give them the desired shape. For short nails, it is generally recommended to give them a square or slightly oval shape, as this makes them look longer and thinner. Once your nails have been shaped, it is important to clean off any previous polish residue and apply a base coat to protect them and prepare them for the French manicure.

What materials do you need?

To create a French manicure on short nails you will need the following equipment:

– White varnish for the tip of the nail
– Light pink or beige nail polish for the base
– Fine brush to highlight the tip
– Adhesive tape or tip guides
– Top coat or transparent varnish to seal the manicure

Application process

Once your nails are prepared and you have the necessary materials, you can begin the process of applying French manicure to short nails. Follow these steps to achieve impeccable results:

1. Apply a coat of light pink or beige polish to the entire nail. Let it dry completely before moving on to the next step.

2. Place tape or guides over the tip of the nail, exposing the part you want to paint white. Make sure they stick well to prevent the polish from coming off.

3. Using a fine brush, apply white polish to the tip of the nail following the natural shape of the nail. If you don't have a very steady hand, you can use a guide to help you set the tip more precisely.

4. Carefully remove the tape or guides before the white polish dries completely. This will prevent it from tearing or coming loose when you remove the tape.

5. Once the polish is dry, apply a layer of top coat or clear polish to seal the manicure and protect it from damage.

Additional Tips

– If you don't have a very firm hand to trace the tip of the nail, you can use adhesive stickers specially designed for French manicure. Simply place them on the tip of your nail and cover them with white polish.
– To give a touch of shine to your French manicure, you can add a little glitter or sequins to the tip of the nail before sealing with the top coat.
– If you prefer a matte finish rather than shiny, you can opt for a matte top coat to seal your French manicure.


Wearing a French manicure with short nails is possible by following the right steps and using the right materials. With a little practice and patience, you can achieve a flawless manicure that will look stunning on your short nails. There are no limits to creativity in nail art!

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