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Girls with good hair eat this – Eyra Organic

And starting today, if your goal is to have long hair, you will change your diet to include these foods.

Girls who have strong, healthy hair don't just take care of their hair with masks, conditioners, serums, shampoos and a long list of hair products and treatments. Girls with good hair, like Blake Lively – our “top one” – also achieve this by including certain foods in their diet.

If you want to gain volume and quantity in your hair, you should not neglect your diet, because it depends on it for your hair to grow strong and healthy, and therefore to have long hair.

Nutrition influences our mood. Did you know that eating yogurt can help you fight stress? in the appearance of our skin; and of course, the same goes for the growth and health of our hair. We review the foods that you should include in your diet if you want your hair to become stronger and stronger, avoid breakage and fall and shine more than ever.

Foods rich in Omega 3

Like avocado, salmon, olive oil, spinach, oats or nuts.


Thanks to its high content of vitamin B12, a nutrient that will strengthen your hair, but whose effects you will also notice on your skin and nails.

Foods rich in zinc

We are going to give you two joys. To include zinc in your diet, you can choose to eat dark chocolate or cheese. Which of the two is your weakness? (For us, both!)

Vitamin A and C

Two essentials for our hair to become long. If you want to increase the dose of these two vitamins in your diet, include: broccoli, pumpkin or kiwi. And if you're looking for another way to do it, try homemade smoothies.

Even if your diet will greatly influence the condition of your hair, do not neglect its external care. Pay attention to his needs and learn everything you can about him, this will make it easier for you to care for him.


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