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10 cruelty-free makeup brands: Dolce Placard

Unfortunately, what many makeup and beauty brands are hiding from us is that for “to make oneself beautiful” experiment on animals. The images are truly disturbing, but this is what is happening in the makeup industry right now and few of us know it. But if you want to help stop this wave of experimentation that harms many animals, you can use some brands that don't do this. Visit Peta, It contains all the information and much more on this topic. Also, the good news is that in this list I present to you the brands 100% cruelty-free which can be found in Peru.

Ph. MoonCakePastel

Let's get started!

Ph. TheBalmPeru

With a vintage style and image “Pin-Up Girl” from the 50s. THE BALM It's a cosmetics brand top of the line which is not tested on animals. They have makeup, hair care line, skin care and also nail polish, isn't that great! It goes without saying that their products are of very good quality. I leave you here where you can get it if you prefer to buy it online, but you can also get them from Oechsle.

Ph. City

Another of the world's most important brands of “Beauty Gurus. URBAN DEGRADATION He arrived in Peru more than a year ago. After much controversy, it remains Cruelty free. One of its flagship products is “Bare Pallets” and they have a wide variety of colors in shades. Not only do they not experiment on animals, but their US offices are pet friendly and anyone can bring their pet to work. You can find their products at Saga Falabella or here.

Ph. LAFille

THE GIRL She promises us a wide range of products and we can't say that it's not true, her concealers, like other products, come in countless colors. Finding your tone will therefore not be a problem. In addition, the prices are very comfortable and they have fooled Very good quality compared to other much more expensive brands. They have small modules in Oechsle but you can also buy their products on the web.


With 19 years on the market NXY, one of my favorite brands and if we talk about variety, it's the one that brings the most to Peru. Although it is a brand recently acquired by a company that tests on animals, NYX does not test on animals and has been awarded the title of Cruelty free. Among its range of products are shadows, lipsticks, concealers, highlighters, among others. And if you see the new modules they have in Saga Falabella you will go crazy, you can also buy their products in the Falabella online store.

Ph. MilaniCosmetics

MILANI I entered Peru almost a year ago and although the prices are a little higher than they really are. She offers us a wide variety of products, including eyeshadow bases, primers, lipsticks, blushes and even enamels. The list of products would be innumerable, but there are many more. Milani also does not test on animals, you can check the rabbit seal on their website. You can get their products at physical Ripley's stores or online.

Ph. SparksBeauty

Kiki (my namesake) was tired of not finding the makeup she wanted to recreate the looks she saw on Instagram, so with her lover, she created Sparks of beauty. This brand is new on the market, but it already benefits from a lot of recognition. They have a wide variety of lipsticks and brushes. But not only that, they have also opened their doors to other brands. Additionally, they have a module at Jockey Plaza and in these locations you can also purchase it from their online store, check out their site here.


Sister brand of Essence, CATRICE is a European cosmetics brand. Intended for a young audience But you know! There is no age limit for wearing makeup, you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want. They have lipsticks, foundations, concealers, shadow palettes, highlighters, nail polishes, among others. Additionally, they create 14 makeup collections per year. A lot Makeup addicts They talk about the quality of their products to have a relatively comfortable price. Thanks to this, they have good reviews. You can find their products at Oechsle.

Ph. ItsArkeedah

JORDAN She has very good products and many people comment on her lipsticks. My favorite products from this brand are their nail polishes and lipsticks, they have a wide variety of colors. Although they also offer concealers, foundations, among other very good quality products. Best of all, their prices are affordable. You can get their products at Oechsle and Perfumerías Unidas.


It's a brand pharmacy and sister of Catrice. Their product range is extensive, with shadows, eyeliners, powders, lipsticks and much more, which also includes a variety of nail polishes. And the best part is that their prices are really low and when I say really low, they are. Really low! They range between S/.7 and S/.25 and the quality is very good for their prices. Essence has small modules in Ripley and Oechsle.


This brand, certified Cruelty-Free and vegan by Peta, offers the products you will need to apply makeup. Such as brushes, hairbrushes, skin care products, among others. It is also one of the companies that bases its philosophy on respect for the environment, using bamboo fiber and cotton in its packaging and renewable bamboo in its brushes. You find their products at Wong and Aruma.

Ph. MoonCakePastel

You have seen all the brands cruelty free What do you find in Peru. If you want to know which brand is cruelty-free or not, I leave you with this little information: Brands that use animal testing sell their products in China and to ensure that some brands do not use animal testing with their products, they have the Rabbit Seal awarded by Peta and other organizations that also defend animal rights.

Ph. Yo-Lolita

These are the different seals you can look for on products to know if they are truly cruelty-free. There are more organizations and certainly more labels Do you want to know more about this topic, such as what other hair and personal care products are cruelty-free?

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