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5 beauty products that we didn't know 20 years ago: Dolce Placard

November 18, 2019 12:51 p.m.

Cell phones, smart watches, streaming, technology has definitely made our lives easier in thousands of ways and in too many areas, from entertainment to health, what would happen to us without technology? Sometimes it's difficult to achieve everything we wouldn't have without, starting with simple things like your beauty routine. The products we use today are just the latest step in a constant evolution of products used for decades, with many improvements, added features and newer technologies. In this article, we'll tell you about 5 products that we wouldn't have without the #blessing of technology.

  • Gel polish: What would your vacation be without gel polish? This product came to make the beauty of our nails less fleeting #graciaalheaven. It's super simple, gel polish blends the function and appearance of common polishes, with gel nail technology, specifically urethanes, which results in a long-lasting, crack-free nail polish.
  • Facial Cleansing Brushes: When we grow up, our skin needs more care than what facial soap gives us and cleansing brushes have come to our rescue. These are gadgets that allow you to carry out a deeper facial cleansing, compared to what we obtain only by applying the product with our hands. The one I use is the LUNA Mini 2 from Foreo, which has been part of my beauty routine for some time now. Its use is very simple, I simply wet my face, I apply my usual facial soap, I use it for 1 minute and with its pulsations it eliminates ALL the impurities from my face. Then I rinse and off I go, super easy! It's definitely a boost to any cleaning routine and I've noticed a noticeable difference since I started using it. My skin is soft as a baby pot, I don't leave it for anything in the world!
Here in passing with my LUNA Mini 2
  • BB cream: It is a super versatile and popular product today, it covers the function of makeup but also skin care. It has a technology that combines the function of 6 independent products: it moisturizes, protects from UV rays, corrects imperfections and imperfections, improves skin condition, serves as a base and also has color to give a basic effect. Definitely an amazing product that I am grateful for daily <3
  • Laser hair removal: Whether at home or in specialized centers, laser hair removal is today a very popular alternative that frees us from the pain and discomfort associated with having to shave so often. It is a procedure that involves removing body hair using laser light, which is why it is considered photoepilation. It can include several sessions and be performed on different areas of the body, so #byebyedolor.
  • Dry Shampoo: This is a must-have for those days when you wake up late or just don't want to wash your hair because it's hard work #thesacrificesofbeingfabulous. The key ingredient in dry shampoo is silica, a fine powder that, upon contact with moisture or oil, absorbs it completely. Certainly a product that has become indispensable in our exhausted lives.

10 years ago I would not have imagined using this type of products in the most normal and daily way as I do today. I wonder what new things will appear over time. Let me know in the comments what other #blessingsoftechnology are essential to you today.

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