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The secret to perfect skin: Dolce Placard

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Any day can be instantly ruined when you see yourself in the mirror with an angry pimple smiling mischievously at you from your forehead. Yes, putting makeup on it solves the problem in the short term, but it won't do your skin any good. If you haven't started a skincare routine yet, now might be the time. Here are some tips for a routine that will give you flawless, retouched skin in real life.

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Stay hydrated

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Our body is mostly made up of water, so our skin needs it too. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and dehydration is inevitable at some point. It is therefore extremely important to always have a bottle of water on hand. Remember that you are still wearing your skin, it is the outfit you will wear every day and it can very easily become stained, wrinkled or lose its elasticity. To avoid this, use moisturizing products daily and exercise at least 2 times a week to keep your skin in good shape.


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Although 8 hours of sleep is one of the three pillars of good health, Fitbit has conducted research showing that the average person sleeps 6 hours and 38 minutes. There are many reasons why this is unhealthy and it affects your skin too! Tired skin is unhappy skin. Some models advise following a strict rule of at least 8 hours of sleep so your skin can recover from stress and daily makeup. So… put on your night mask, go to bed early and say goodbye to those dark circles forever.

Eat healthy

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Just like your skin loves water, it also loves the vitamins and minerals in your diet. A healthy diet is necessary for you to look and feel good. I know, I know…it takes time and money to prepare healthy foods. Luckily, in the HEALTHY LIVING category of the digital magazine, we have many easy, healthy and delicious recipes, go check them out.

Always wash your makeup

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You come home late from a party, your makeup is anything but and you have no desire to clean it so you go straight to bed. This scenario sounds familiar, right? The one that comes out the worst is your skin. Heavy makeup stops your skin from breathing, so if you never remove it, your skin will never have time to recover. Next time you're late to put on makeup, don't be lazy, your skin will thank you; You'll look and feel much fresher in the morning.

Find the best products

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It's not that uncommon to find a product that says “for all skin types.” Don't be fooled so easily; If it says a product is suitable for all skin types, that doesn't mean it's best for you. your skin. If you don't want to see a dermatologist, try different products yourself. Experimenting a little can lead you to find the best moisturizer, soap, lotion or even sunscreen.

Of course, to take good care of your skin, it's best to be regular and consistent, which can be difficult. Yet, when your routine becomes a habit, you will find that you will have enough time in your daily life to add it to your routine. Healthy skin always feels like a healthier lifestyle because they go hand in hand. Change your bad habits one by one and start seeing results on your skin in no time!

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