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Sea water and swimming pool water are enemies of hair when walking. If you want to continue showing off your beautiful hair, practice these professional tips when your hair is wet.

A single dry hair is stronger than a copper wire of the same diameter. The protein-rich composition of the cortex gives it this strength. But hair soaked in sea water, swimming pool water or sweat becomes more fragile: “Water is harmful in areas where the hair is injured.” [medios y puntas], where there are salt, sand, chlorine… explains Juan Carlos Fano, owner of JC Fano Peluquería, who recommends, to avoid this, protecting the hair with oils and repairing it with products containing proteins . We explain to you what care you should or should not do to protect your hair.

Comb starting at the ends

This is the recommendation of professionals when dealing with wet hair, then continue with mediums and finish with the total: from roots to ends. “Plastic micro-tips on the brushes are highly recommended in these cases because they are flexible and pointed and fit well between the knots,” explains Juan Carlos Fano.

Proteins and sulfates

Change your usual mask for one containing proteins. “The hair loses thickness, strength and vitality and we must help it recover the cortex,” explains Juan Carlos Fano, who recommends avoiding silicones, parabens and sulfates and opting for natural active ingredients “like citrus fruits”, which detangle and also add shine.

Oils, the best allies

Jumping into the water with hair oil may not be good for the pool, but it's good for your hair. “Oil is a great protector because it prevents salt or chlorine from water from penetrating damaged cuticles,” says Juan Carlos, explaining that oil creates a film on the fiber that protects it from water . Choose to apply our Eyra Organic Argan Oil or our Eyra organic coconut oil.

Do not dry your hair by rubbing it with a towel.

This way they become frizzy and we can break the newborn's hair. Daniele Sigigliano, creative director of Blow Dray Bar Madrid, suggests: “After washing and before combing your hair, dry it by wrapping it in a towel and without rubbing.”

Always use conditioner

“By washing we alkalize the hair (it dries and gets tangled). If we do not condition it (pass it to an acidic point to close the cuticle), we must not use combs or brushes” so as not to attack it, explains Juan Carlos Fano.

Avoid gathering your hair with tight bobby pins

They can damage the fiber and cause hair breakage. Daniele Sigigliano suggests “using clips instead of elastics” and mentions other accessories – “headbands or scarves” – as an alternative to collecting long hair.


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